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It was the second federation starship to bear the name enterprise. It was sometime during the first season of next generations run on on tv that i mentioned in passing to ed that someone should see about doing plans of the new enterprise, like the old franz joseph deck plans of the ship from the original series. Planet minecraft project uss enterprise ncc 1701 version. First contact and was designed to be a tougher, sleeker and more advanced ship than her predecessor. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. After over 9 years of minetreks existence, weve finally decided to release a build to the publix, our troophy build from 20152019, our full scale enterprise e from startreks various movies. The next generation technical manual, which has an incredible half million copies in print. May 30, 2017 this star trek papercraft is the uss enterprise ncc1701, based on the film star trek xi, the paper model is designed by rawen. I hope you enjoy my first version of the uss enterprise ncc1701a exploration vessel. Get desktop feedback knowledge base discord twitter reddit news minecraft forums author forums. Browse and download minecraft ncc1701 maps by the planet minecraft. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page.

In the course of her career, the enterprise became the most celebrated starship of her time in her forty years of service and discovery, through upgrades and at least two refits, she took part in numerous first contacts, military engagements, and timetravels. Time to learn what you can do with your own spaceship. Now he brings you on an incredible journey inside the u. Simply put, i love khalibans model of the 1701a, but some things always bugged me. I will work on uploading a schematic and possibly a world save should you wish. Minecraft star trek enterprise schematic readdownload of the starship, u. In star trek the enterprise ncc1701 is the first in a series of federation starships. Download the star trek enterprise ncc1701 hd mudds women by ent2pri9se uss enterprise ncc 1701 png images background image and use it as your wallpaper, poster and banner design.

A sovereignclass starship, it appears in the films star trek. After the enterprisea was decommissioned and mothballed, it was succeeded by the uss enterpriseb. The color of the deflector was completely wrong, the side spotlights on the bottom primary hull simply do not exist in any form of the 1701a and were only seen for one scene on the 1701 in tmp. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other giant bomb users. As a constitution class vessel, its mission is one of science and exploration. Lifesize enterprise recreated in minecraft by trekkie fan.

I thought, wtf, why would i play this game, looks way too time consuming for my tastes. The uss enterprise ncc1701a was a constitutionclass vessel operated by starfleet in the 23rd century. The uss enterprise ncc 1701 was a 23rd century federation constitutionclass starship operated by starfleet. You can also click related recommendations to view more background images in our huge database. The constitution class was a federation starship class. Every time this enterprise appeared there were subtle differences and the. The uss enterprise ncc1701e or enterprisee, to distinguish it from prior and later starships with the same name is a fictional starship in the star trek franchise. It is the main setting of the original star trek television series 19661969 and several star trek films, and it has been depicted in various spinoffs, films, books, products, and fancreated media. Liimted edition collectible uss enterprise ncc1701a product information product dimensions 4.

Impulse exhaust is finished, along the bridge just need to add a texture there. Minecraft world map minetrek uss enterprise ncc 1701d. The numbering convention i found on memory alpha goes up to ncc170112, listing both active and destroyed, with the galileo accounting for 3 of the 10 shown. Kirk, the enterprise carries its crew on a mission to explore strange, new. In the original series, how many shuttlecraft made up the normal complement aboard the u. New phaser, like the one in the tv series information about this mod.

Enterprise was a constitutionclass cruiser launched in 2245 one of the most famous ships of her time, the enterprise served starfleet for more than forty years. Minecraft is a firstperson fightersandbox construction game created by mojang ab. Uss enterprise ncc1701a full scale minecraft forum. Enterprise minecraft maps planet minecraft community. A model of the enterprise from the original star trek tv show. They were the premier frontline starfleet vessels in the latter half of the 23rd century. Uss enterprise ncc1701a or enterprisea, to distinguish it from other vessels with the same name is a fictional starship in three star trek films. Browse and download minecraft enterprise maps by the planet minecraft. Best ncc1701 minecraft maps planet minecraft community. For general information about the class, see constitutionclass the u. More info to come when the download is made available to the public.

Enterprise as seen in star trek the original series. The first glimpse i ever saw of minecraft was in 2010 sometime, and it was a guy who was building a scale model of the uss enterprise. Browse and download minecraft enterprise maps by the planet minecraft community. Uss enterprise ncc 1701 is a starship in the star trek media franchise. Enterprise ncc1701 constitution class minecraft map. The ship took part in numerous first contacts and military engagements and defended earth and the entire federation on several occasions. Uss enterprise ncc 1701d in minecraft with download. More information here you may have heard of the uss enterprise project. The voyage home, star trek generations externally, the enterprisea was virtually identical to the refit. Planet minecraft project uss enterprise ncc 1701 version what you need to know and other information in 2019.

The bridge module is complete and the impulse exaust is almost finished being redone. This mod contains the enterprise ncc1701 and a fitting phaser, and everything else wich you need to install this ship. Star trek uss enterprise ncc1701a exploration vessel at. Ign pays tribute to star trek with a look at the uss enterprise in the game minecraft.

It is the sixth federation starship to carry the name. See more ideas about uss enterprise, uss enterprise ncc 1701, star trek. Best enterprise minecraft maps planet minecraft community. Enterprise ncc 1701 is a discovery era constitution class starship. I was able to download a set of aztec patterns for a movieaccurate model kit that someone on the starshipmodeler forums was nice enough to create. The only difference between the one on my model and the movie version is that several sections. News builds gameplay maps tutorials redstone command blocks fanart. I have uploaded a video walk around of the uss enterprise ncc1701a which you can access in the video section of this mod page. Feedback knowledge base discord twitter reddit news minecraft forums author forums login sign up uss enterprise ncc 1701 from star trek.

How to make a working uss enterprise in minecraft youtube. It made its debut in the final scene of the 1986 film star trek iv. Thanks for joining me for another minecraft world tour. Included in the download is the world folder, a set of star trek player skins, a.

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